2022/07/10 14:00
Battle with players across all the Worlds! Olympus Battle Season 50 starting soon!

Thank you for playing SAINT SEIYA COSMO FANTASY!
Starting 7/11 (Mon) at 5:00 AM (UTC),
Olympus Battle Season 50 officially kicks off!
Get ready to face off against powerful enemies across the globe and aim for the top!
This time, the rewards up for grabs include Cosmo of Final Seiya (Genealogical Gold), [CB] Aiolia, and Hades (RCE/Ver.EX)!
Olympus Battle
Players across the Worlds will compete for Rankings based on your performance in Olympus Battles.
It’s a tournament-style face-off of three parties vs. three parties! 
Olympus Battle Special Rules
Special Rules come into effect for the Olympus Battle period
so think hard about your party formation when you're aiming for a high rank.
Checking Special Rules
Select “Season SP Effects” and “Phase Effects” from the Olympus Battle menu
to check what special conditions are active.
Seasons and Phases
Each Season is divided into three Phases. Rankings for the Season are finalized
based on their order at the end of Phase 3.
[Event Period]
Season 50 Period: 7/11 (Mon) 5:00 AM ~ 7/26 (Tue) 11:30 AM UTC
Phase 1: 7/11 (Mon) 5:00 AM ~ 7/16 (Sat) 11:30 AM UTC
Phase 2: 7/16 (Sat) 11:30 AM ~ 7/21 (Thu) 11:30 AM UTC
Phase 3: 7/21 (Thu) 11:30 AM ~ 7/26 (Tue) 11:30 AM UTC
 - The schedule may change without notice.
 - In the event of unforeseen problems, this event may be subject to change or cancellation.
Players are automatically sorted into a league for the Olympus Battle period.
Players within a League will battle against each other. The higher your league, the more rewards you will receive.
League Promotion
When you reach the top of a League, you’ll be able to challenge players in the League above your current rank.
Defeat higher-ranked players to earn your place in the top League!
League Promotion
If your rank within your League drops, you may be challenged by players in lower Leagues.
If a player in a lower league defeats you, you will drop down into a lower-ranked League.
Initial Rankings for Season 50
All players begin Season 50 at 3 places below your League position at the end of the last Season.
Note: If you ended the last Season in Bronze II to Silver III Leagues, you will begin at Bronze III.
Reward Types
Olympus Battle rewards include Runestones needed for Star Hill Enhancements.
Even more deluxe rewards await in the higher-ranked Leagues. If you’re looking to power up
your Saints in a new way, this is your chance!
Receive your rewards or check the details by selecting the “Rewards” button from the Olympus Battle main screen.
- Rewards not received by the end of the Season will be sent to your Inbox.
- Rewards sent to your inbox will expire after 1 week, so don't forget to claim them early.
Season Champion Rewards 
The #1 Ranked player in the God 1 League at the end of Phase 3 will be rewarded
 with a deluxe player icon design to enjoy until the end of the following Season.
Note: Season Champions will receive their rewards at the end of the event.
Daily Rewards
Daily Rewards are granted based on your number of Olympus Battle Attempts.
They are available every day during the event period, and reset daily at 7:00 PM UTC.
League Promotion Rewards
You will receive Rewards for earning a promotion to a higher league.
These rewards are only available one during the season.
Ranking Rewards
You will receive rewards at the end of each Phase based on your League position.
Greater rewards are available in the later Phases.
■Olympus Medals
Currency that can be used to exchange for items in the Olympus Shop.
Olympus Medals are temporary and will be lost when a Season changes.
■How to get Olympus Medals
Olympus Medals can be obtained from the following: 
 ・Daily Rewards
 ・Phase 1 to 3 Ranking Rewards
-Please not that Olympus Medals are temporary and will be lost
 when a Season changes.
The higher your rank the more Olympus Medals you can get.
So, aim high to get more of them!
■Olympus Shop
Obtained Olympus Medals can be used to exchange for Cosmos of Cosmo Burst characters
and other items!
-Go to Home > Shop to access.
Daily Battle Limits
You can join Olympus Battle a maximum of 20 times per day.
The first 5 times are free. You can spend Holy Stones to play 6 times or more.
Time-Out Matches
If both parties are still undefeated at the end of a battle, the winner will be the party with the most remaining characters.
If both parties have the same number of characters remaining, the party with the highest remaining HP (as a percentage of their maximum HP) is the winner.
- Battle rules may change from Season to Season.
 Please see the Notification for each Season for more details.
 -The schedule may change without notice.
 - In the event of unforeseen problems, this event may be subject to change or cancellation.
We hope you continue to enjoy playing SAINT SEIYA COSMO FANTASY!