2021/11/10 14:00
Server Maintenance Announcement (11/11)

Thank you for playing SAINT SEIYA COSMO FANTASY!
We'd like to inform you that the server will be down for maintenance as scheduled below.
Please see below for details.
[Maintenance Schedule]
November 11, 2021 (Thu) 5:00 ~ 8:00(planned)
-Please note that the schedule may change without notice.
[Maintenance Details]
▼New Content And Adjustments
・Seven Seas Conquest
New Rank SS and Rank SSS Reward Boxes will be added.
Rewards from the Rank SS and above Reward Boxes will include Equipment Pieces for Eighth Sense or better equipment,
Cosmo of Evolution, and more.
・Labyrinth of Challenges
Levels 56 to 60 will be added to Labyrinth of Challenges in the Otherworld Labyrinth.
・Cosmo Challenge
Equipment Pieces up to Heavenly Eighth Sense will be added as Rewards. Also, the amount of Bronze-class ~ Gold-class Equipment Pieces
you can acquire will be increased.
In the Cosmo Shop, Limit Pyroxene, Cosmo of Evolution, and
Eighth Sense ~ Heavenly Eighth Sense Equipment Boxes will be added.
▼Purchase Limits In The Shop Reset
Items with purchase limits in the Crusade Shop, Arena Shop,
Guild Shop, Cosmo Shop and Graad Shop will be
available for purchase again after the maintenance.
▼Golden Fruit On Sale For A Limited Time
For a limited time, Golden Fruit will be available for purchase in the Shop.
[Offer Period]
November 11, 2021 (Thu) 05:00 ~ November 25, 2021 (Thu) 04:59  December 9, 2021(Thu) 4:59UTC (Planned)
Golden Fruit x10
Can be purchased up to 5 times a day. -Can be purchased again after the line-up is renewed.
▼Bug Fixes
・5.5 Year Celebration Missions Olympus Medals
Due to an issue where Olympus Medals acquired from the 5.5 Year Celebration Missions
could be used only during Season 41, players who completed the applicable Missions
will receive Olympus Medals to use in Season 42.
We hope you continue to enjoy playing SAINT SEIYA COSMO FANTASY!