2021/09/21 14:00
Server Maintenance Announcement (9/22)

Thank you for playing SAINT SEIYA COSMO FANTASY!
We'd like to inform you that the server will be down for maintenance as scheduled below.
Please see below for details.
[Maintenance Schedule]
▼September 22, 2021 (Wed) 05:00 to 09::00UTC (Planned)
Please note that the schedule may change without notice.
[Maintenance Details]
▼Additions to Soul Gasha line-up
・The following Souls will be added to the line-up.
God Warrior Soul of Refuge (N ~ SSR)
Omega Soul of the Body (N ~ SSR)
■God Warrior Soul of Refuge SSR Maxed
Class: Silver
Target: God Warriors
+0: Evasion ↑
+1: Phys. Defense ↑
+2: Fury Res ↑
+3: Phys. Crit ↑
+4: Fury Res ↑
+5: Phys. Defense ↑
■Omega Soul of the Body SSR Maxed
Class: Bronze
Target: Omega
+0: Max HP ↑
+1: Phys. Defense ↑
+2: Null Phys. Defense ↑
+3: Phys. Defense ↑
+4: Phys. Attack ↑
+5: Max HP ↑
We hope you continue to enjoy playing SAINT SEIYA COSMO FANTASY!