2021/02/17 14:00
[Important] Start of Battle System Adjustments(Re-posting)

Thank you for playing SAINT SEIYA COSMO FANTASY!
At the beginning of battle in COSMO FANTASY, characters would start to attack once they reach their starting position.
Compared to Back Row and Middle Row characters, Front Row characters took a little longer
to reach their position, witch gave Back Row and Middle Row characters a slight advantage
to attack first.
For this reason the Status of Front Row characters have always been slightly up-scaled in comparison
order to maintain balance, however due to analyses we have conducted on PvP functions,
we have come to the conclusion that even with a Status Boost, Front Row characters were still at a disadvantage.
Therefore during the following period, the game will be adjusted to make all characters start at the same time.
During the February 18, 2021 (Thu) maintenance. (Planned)
-Maintenance details will be announced February 17 (Wed).
Before: Each characters starts acting once they reach their own starting position.
After: Characters start acting at the same time after all characters reach their starting position.
This will make a change to the game that has not changed since it's release
and deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 
However, one of the key features of this game is it's depth you get in battle depending on the
combination of characters used. We believe that this change will be beneficial to your overall
gameplay experience and hope for your understanding.
Also, do to this change Front Row characters will be easier use, therefore
an "Only 5 times per day! Front Row Gasha" will be made available during the following period.
In addition, the daily free 10x Gasha,
"One Daily Free! Front Row Gasha" will also be available at the same time.
One of the featured Front Row 3★ characters will be guaranteed from the Front Row Gasha.
So, make sure to do your pulls to get Front Row characters and strengthen them!
Please see below for more details.
[Availability Period]
After the maintenance on February 18, 2021 (Thu) ~ February 22, 2021 (Mon) 04:59 UTC (planned)
-Please see the notice scheduled on February 18 (Thu) for detailed information about this Gasha.
-Please be careful not to confuse "One Daily Free! Front Row Gasha" for "Only 5 times per day! Front Row Gasha".
 They are separate Gasha types.
-The line-up and Drop Rates for both the free and paid Gasha will be the same.
We hope you continue to enjoy playing SAINT SEIYA COSMO FANTASY!